Happy Anniversary!

…to my brother Steve and his wife Lydia – celebrating 25 years together! I have fond memories of their wedding day (I’m not sure if that’s because or in spite of the fact I was three months pregnant 😉 and two of my favorite family photos were taken that day.

This first one sits on the bookcase in our living room. This is the whole family; what a treat we could all be together. left to right, bottom to top, Grandpa Blinn (my dad’s father), GG (my mom’s mother), Lydia and Steve; me, my mom and Katie peeking out the side; Marc, my dad, Karen, her then husband John and their daughter Jillian.

And this one sits on a side table in my study. That’s my grandmother with her two great granddaughters. Jillian was just three months old and Katie was four. Love the dresses! (I made Katie’s).

The family looks a lot different now…but Steve and Lydia still look great! Here they are last Memorial Day weekend.

Wishing them cheers and best wishes for many more years of happiness together!

8 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Happy Anniversary to Steve and Lydia! I hope they are celebrating their years together and focusing on the love and not the sorrow that the past year has brought.

  2. I think of Steve and Lydia often and wish them a happy celebration of 25 years together. Your family photos are precious. I can hardly believe that's Katie, and you're now getting ready for the next family addition!

  3. Congratulations to Steve and Lydia and best wishes for many more wonderful years together. I think of them often, and keep them in my thoughts and prayers. XO

  4. Happy Anniversary to Steve and Lydia! How wonderful to celebrate 25 years together! My best to them always.

  5. Thank you for such a lovely post, and all the well wishes in the comments. We had a lovely dinner and chat on the balcony afterwards.

  6. My best wishes to the "bride and groom," too and here's to another 25 years, at least! Family photos, especially those from bygone days, are just the best!Cheers~

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