Boy Knitting.

I had the happy opportunity on Saturday morning to share this photo on Instagram.

Katie originally shared it with the caption

look who’s going to be a big brother in october! #itsaboy

…and with that, let the baby boy knitting begin!

I ordered a copy of Rowan’s latest Cherish as soon as I read about it on Kristen’s blog. First up is this blanket, which seems quite grandchild-worthy: fingering weight yarn knit on size 2 & 3 needles. (thank goodness I still have almost six months before the baby’s due!)
We’ll see how that goes before I decide what else to knit (my other favorites from the book are this vest and this cardigan). Charlie was a September baby, so we’re thinking his hand knits (as well as all the rest of his clothes) will fit this baby, too. It might make more sense to knit a few new things for Charlie. Little boy knitting isn’t quite as cute as baby knitting, but it might be more useful. and it could still be fun, especially if Charlie helps me choose the colors.

13 thoughts on “Boy Knitting.

  1. Big, Happy Congratulations to you and the whole family! I have a great nephew arriving in October, and Ryan recently told his cousin that boys born in October grow up to be well-mannered young men of stellar character and supreme intelligence — guess when Ryan was also born 😉 That blanket is indeed grandchild-worthy!

  2. Such wonderful news for all of you! And those Tuesdays will be even more fun and interesting now! 🙂

  3. Applause, applause (just call me Lady Gaga!!). Mary, I love all those things you've "chosen" from the pattern book. The blanket is GORGEOUS!! Start NOW! Methinks you will be one busy grandma. Charlie, soo cute in his big bother tee!

  4. I LOVE the color of the yarn and the planned patterns are so cute. I have an idea for a quilt. The new guy needs some wardrobe enhancement!

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