Currents | April 2016.

this morning, at my desk

Loving the porch. I did The Big Spring Cleanup last Thursday and since then, Holly and I have enjoyed time out there every day. It’s especially nice in the evenings, with a book.

Planning for another family gathering. this time at Lake Oconee for Memorial Day. The whole crew won’t be able to come, but there will still be plenty of us to ensure a good time.

Eating better. Those trips to New York and South Carolina were full of the really good food (and drink) that I don’t usually have. Thankfully, a week plus of simple meals and salads is working; I’m starting to feel like myself again.

Drinking coffee. It’s about time to start cold brewing it!

Knitting the second sleeve on Meridian. It’s the last piece and then I have two pieces to block and four seams to sew. in black. I don’t think I’ll finish before Sunday, but it will be close.

Reading All the Birds in the Sky, a real book from the library. It’s a hot mess of a story, but I’m enjoying it. I need to figure out what to listen to next since I finished We Never Asked for Wings yesterday.

Listening to the wind chimes Marc hung on the front porch last weekend.

Watching Game of Thrones. oh my goodness. Last Friday was kind of dreary, the perfect time to watch a little TV. I figured out I’d left off near the beginning of Season 4 (Season 6 debuted last Sunday). Just three more episodes to go and I’ll be ready for Season 6 Episode 2 in real time.

Needing to get a trip to the gym and another run into my weekly workout routine.

Wanting to sew a few simple skirts for summer.

Looking forward to another summer of Book Bingo!

Letting go of busyness.

Hoping I’ll be able to visit Sara this summer. We’re tentatively planning a long weekend for July 4th – it’s in my court to make it happen.

Remembering just how much I love this space. Thank you for visiting and being part of it.

That’s about it – hope you have a bit of good stuff happening in your world, too. Happy Friday!

9 thoughts on “Currents | April 2016.

  1. Book Bingo 2016 – woo hoo! And you've reminded me there are wind chimes to hang here too. And GOT…I've got Episode one to watch before Sunday! Have a wonderful weekend Mary!

  2. Letting go of busyness so you can read, listen to the chimes in the wind and drink coffee sounds like a great plan!

  3. That's a right cute skirt. Lookin' fwd to seeing it on ya. Hope your weather was dry enough to spend lotsa good time on the porch…we had rain and I am not gonna complain! Cheers~

  4. I love posts like this! And found myself getting caught up in your book bingo entries. Your porch sounds like an ideal place for reading – hope you were able to spend a little time there this weekend!

  5. It warms my heart to think about . . . porches and 4th of July plans and Book Bingo! That surely means . . . summer is coming! Good stuff, Mary. XO

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