Words in the Wild.

window shopping along Bay Street, Sunday afternoon, in Beaufort

Another store window selfie. You have to look close, but I managed to get Holly in the picture, too.

I’m really not sure what kind of person Holly thinks I am. But I know she appreciates quiet lap time, regular meals and a soft bed, with a bit of popcorn thrown in occasionally for fun!

7 thoughts on “Words in the Wild.

  1. What a super photo – very clever to get those reflections in. I like the sign. I wonder what else we could replace ’ dog' with …

  2. I've puzzled over this several times and still can't see Holly, so I'm just going to say that you're already a wonderful person — to Holly and human beings!

  3. I see Holly. Holly knows you are the most important person in her life because you give her all the things she needs, wants, and loves.

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