Poetry Friday | Lady Liberty.

I’m taking a cue from Kym today and sharing a poem.

In all my visits to New York, I’ve never actually been to the Statue of Liberty. Flying in last Wednesday, I caught a glimpse.

And then on Friday, there’s a spot on the High Line that frames a nice view of her, but it’s easy to miss (trust me – she’s out there!)

Also a big Thank You to Poetry in Motion, which I’ve only seen in New York (maybe because that’s really the only city where I spend much time on public transportation?!)

9 thoughts on “Poetry Friday | Lady Liberty.

  1. John once took a cab in NYC and the driver had posted poems that he had written. He said they made interesting reading (even though John is not a poetry person). I highly recommend a visit to see the Statue of Liberty, up close and personal!

  2. I love the idea of poetry in motion. A friend of mine posted her poems around the city on a sign similar to a "For Sale" sign. It was wonderful to run across them and to watch people stop to read and wonder who posted them.

  3. Great poem, it really captures the feel of Lady Liberty. We skipped it when we were in New York in February (too cold and windy) but I hope to go there next time. They say it's worth it just to ride the ferry.

  4. I'm enjoying your trip to New York! a virtual tour for me! When I was 14 years old, I went with my parents to the Worlds Fair. (we had relatives living in New York at the time). We went up in the Statue of Liberty – all the way into the crown! I can still picture the view in my mind – all that way down!Linda in VA

  5. Great stuff Mary! And next time…it's worth it. I think I went on the coldest day ever. (And not long after 9/11 so there were multiple security stops along the way.) Pretty amazing though!

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