Weekending with Gram.

We had a wonderful (it seemed too short!) visit with my mom. The weather was beautiful Sunday morning for a stroll through the Art Show downtown.

I even found two more #blueskyblooms for my collection.

The afternoon was not quite as sunny, but perfect for bubbles.

Monday morning the sun was out again…pool time! I did put on a swimsuit, but there’s no photographic proof. For Katie & Charlie, however, there’s a movie!

Needless to say – he LOVES the water!!

Yesterday was a long, hot and cranky drive home.

Not my favorite way to spend Tuesday with Charlie, but it was worth it for the time we got to spend together…and to catch up with Mother.

Hope your weekend was full of good things, too!

8 thoughts on “Weekending with Gram.

  1. Long, hot, cranky drives are never fun, but bubbles, the pool, and visiting your mother do make it all worthwhile. If only travel was a bit easier and quicker … maybe take your Tardis next time?

  2. I remember the long hot cranky drives. So good to know it was worth it as you came home with some nice memories and a good visit with your mom.

  3. Aside from the drive home it sounds like it was a fun weekend for everyone. And the eyelashes in that last photo…sweet.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful trip (well, except for that drive home. . . ) — and I'm sure your Mom loved spending time with the three of you. What a treat.

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