Watercolor Wednesday | WIPs and White Wine.

Yes, it’s March 9th and it’s warm enough for white wine. and bright enough outside after 6 pm to take a kitchen table photo without any extra light. Spring is wonderful!

…more on my WIP later. I’m well into sleeve #2, but there’s still a bit of finishing once I bind off.

Hope your week is going well… any other warm weather white wine drinkers out there?

9 thoughts on “Watercolor Wednesday | WIPs and White Wine.

  1. Your watercolour is full of bright hope for those of us languishing with snow and temperatures in single figure :). Raising my steaming hot cup of tea to you!

  2. I love how your watercolor softens everything in lovely ways, but knitting, wine, and Holly are still recognizable. Sometimes its nice to view the world with softened edges!

  3. We're heading towards 70 today! But, it's only for the day as we're on the spring weather roller-coaster. (I drink white wine all year round.And, red, too.) 😉

  4. Beautiful watercolor! It was 81 lovely degrees here yesterday but unfortunately no chance for a glass of white wine – maybe today. : )

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