FO Friday | Socks!!!

It’s been over three months since I last shared a proper FO post. And it’s been over five* years since I finished a pair of socks for myself. So yes, all the exclamation points!!!

raveled here
This was my first time using self-striping yarn and I must say – it’s fun! Even when the stripes don’t match.
I’d forgotten how nice hand knit socks feel…and fit.
I bought the yarn when we were in Beaufort last spring; sadly, my LYS doesn’t carry it. But we’ll be going to Beaufort again in April. Maybe I’ll even get the stripes to match on my next pair.
*September 2010 to be exact. I was surprised it had been that long, but I think my nearly empty sock drawer confirms it.

7 thoughts on “FO Friday | Socks!!!

  1. There is something about purple and green that says spring to me, and these are wonderful spring socks. I do like your clever plan to get more sock yarn in Beaufort!

  2. Love purple & green, too — think spring & summer flowers. Non-matching stripes is part of the fun. I should knit more socks; after all, how many shawls & scarves do I need?!

  3. Those are just charming socks, Mary! (Also – matching stripes are overrated.) It's been about that long for me and socks, too. It's time, though. My sock drawer is looking pretty bedraggled. . .

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