Glimpses of Spring.

These past few days, we’ve enjoyed warmer temperatures (I didn’t even wear a jacket yesterday!) and it’s really starting to feel – and look! – like spring. Here are a few glimpses from around my neighborhood this weekend.

reminding me it’s always important to coordinate my outfit with Holly’s!
I have to say, there is really nothing like shedding a few layers and seeing new life to brighten my outlook. 
Hope your week is off to great start! Happy Monday!

9 thoughts on “Glimpses of Spring.

  1. I was just going to say the same thing as Carole, but it is so nice to have a preview of the spring beauty we can expect. 50 degrees here today!

  2. Your spring blooms are lovely! We had an unusually warm weekend and everyone was outside enjoying it. Today we are back to more normal (colder) temps., but Spring is on the way!

  3. We have crocus coming up in the garden and I was so excited to see the tiny shoots. Your blossoms are beautiful, as is the color you and Holly are wearing.

  4. I've seen lots of daffodils, but none that have bloomed yet. A few cherry trees are in full bloom though. Spring weather also brings the tornadoes [yikes].

  5. Oh my, you're waaaay ahead of us with *glimpses of spring.* Envious and thanks for sharing and brightening a very gray day.Cheers~

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