In Full Bloom.

I’m truly grateful for the community this little corner of the internet has nourished. Thank you all for your incredible outpouring of love, support and encouragement. Your thoughts and prayers have truly lifted us. 

My parents received an amaryllis – their first – for Christmas. Mother dutifully placed the box on the kitchen counter, right under a sunlight, watered it according to the instructions…and waited.

When my sister arrived about two weeks ago there was plenty of green, but not really much else. By last Wednesday, it looked like this.

Those buds continued to develop and we hoped one might open Saturday to honor Daddy’s passing, but it wasn’t until Monday evening that we saw the first real bloom. By yesterday afternoon when I had a chance for photos, there were already two.

And today – it’s practically exploding.

We are completely smitten – the color is amazing and wow is it fun to see how quickly those blooms pop!

10 thoughts on “In Full Bloom.

  1. Mary – I am so sorry for your family's loss. May the faith and love you share, along with your memories of happy times together, be a great comfort to you all. Holding you in the Light.

  2. Your blooms are incredible, both in color and number! I can't help but think a display that lovely and impressive is in honor of your father. Sending you and your family continuing thoughts, prayers, and hugs.

  3. Mary, So, so sorry to read your previous post and learn of your Dad's passing. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Glad you were all able to be together to support and comfort each other. Sending many hugs and blessings to you. xxxooo The amaryllis is beautiful! My parents just sent me a picture of theirs – bloomed this week also!

  4. Watching an amaryllis open and share its incredible color is such a thrill and you have more than one! You are a constant in my thoughts, your whole family, and I send you all peace and love.

  5. Mary — the blooms are beautiful! Thinking about you and miss you. BTW, what is that on the top of the picture frame in the last photo??

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