Greetings from Florida.

This is the third time I’ve been in Florida in January/February, when it’s cold (and even snowy) at home and colder (and snowier) where many of you live. Thought you might enjoy a quick picture postcard of what yesterday looked like outside:

Don’t think it’s all breezy blue skies… some of what we saw on our walk was downright scary.

I thought it was bad enough seeing this guy in the water…but by the time we headed back, he was on dry land.
Hope you see some blue skies and sunshine (and no sunning alligators) this week!

9 thoughts on “Greetings from Florida.

  1. In all these years, and all the miles walked I have NEVER seen a gator there-I think you have included all thing Florida in this post!

  2. Just seeing your blue skies, blooming flowers, and imagining the warmth does my heart good! It's 2 degrees here with 20 mph breezes; definitely a stay inside, make soup and bread, and put on handknits kind of day. Make sure you and Holly stay far away from those sunning gators!

  3. Yes, we do have blue skies and gorgeous sunshine (fortunately no alligators) but oh my goodness is it freezing! Your beautiful photos did made me feel a little warmer though. Enjoy the sunshine and warmth!

  4. No such scenes in this neck of the woods, this day! Think we have 'bout 16 inches of snow, so far…Enjoy and drive safely on the way home. Cheers~

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