Celebrating the Good Stuff.

I added another MantraBand to my stack today. This one in honor of my 2016 intention for more celebrating the good stuff.

The card that accompanied the band included these “instructions”:
Celebrate love.
Celebrate family.
Celebrate friendships.
Celebrate small victories.
Celebrate courage.
Celebrate life, and you will always
have more to celebrate.

(see why I’m a fan?!)

I love how thinking about things in the frame of “celebrating” helps me focus on the good stuff. And in the spirit of beginning how I mean to go on, here’s a short list of what I’m celebrating right now.

  • Katie was home sick today (not the reason to celebrate!) so I had the opportunity to bring her soup for lunch …and she just texted it was delicious (yay Costco!)
  • Today was a newsletter Thursday and my part was done early this morning. Someone else pushed the “publish” button. (and that same someone else is also posting on the shop’s Instagram feed and blog). That’s not even a small victory – it feels huge!
  • Only forward progress on the purple sweater.
  • It’s bookclub tonight – no book, but we’re still getting together for a chili potluck. I’ve wavered about going (Marc just got home from Asia last night), but now I’m showered – and soon I’ll be dressed and made up. Celebrating neighbors…who are friends.

How about you – what are you celebrating right now?

8 thoughts on “Celebrating the Good Stuff.

  1. I love your new bracelet! Celebrating is good. Hmmmm. I am celebrating that my friend Doreen (who has to go to Boston for a doctor's appointment) is coming here afterwards for sushi. And hopefully tomorrow night I will be celebrating a Pat's victory!

  2. Pretty, shiny, and a lovely reminder! I'm celebrating a really good cup of tea, two great books, some knitting, and no snow predicted for the weekend.

  3. Your bracelets describe who you are, a lovely person full of joy and compassion, and the celebration of life. I'm celebrating the longer days! YAY.

  4. I'm also celebrating nothing real pressing to do, hopefully some knitting and a Patriots victory! Those bracelets are wonderful, just like you!

  5. Celebrating "late to the party" but so glad I arrived! Love your bracelets – they're new to me; guess I missed that post…Celebrating warm n cozy on the morning of day 2 blizzard …and that we still have power and family is safe and sound…Celebrating all the wonderous things and goodness in life … Cheers~

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