Eye Candy Friday.

I’m borrowing Carole’s Friday idea because I have a few fun photos from earlier in the week.

proving yet again that packaging makes the best toys! (and that Charlie is a ham!)

…and because my favorite Thea Colman released a new sweater pattern yesterday. I’ve been waiting a bit impatiently for this one since I first saw her teaser photos and realized I have the perfect purple yarn in very deep stash. Off to swatch!

Happy weekend!

11 thoughts on “Eye Candy Friday.

  1. Now that Charlie knows what the Lego bucket is really for, I think he's ready to learn all the things that large cardboard boxes or the laundry basket can be (pirate ship, rocket, super-fast race car … ) I miss those days when a couple of refrigerator boxes kept us busy and happy building castles all winter. Happy weekend to you!

  2. Charlie's smile just brightened up a dreary day. 🙂 And Holly is so sweet in her red sweater! Happy knitting ~ the purple sounds wonderful!

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