Christmas 2015.

…let me start right off and say – no, we did not re-create that photo. but I’m more than pleased with the ones we have.

Christmas Day was just us…at Charlie’s house. I shared this first photo on Instagram and I think it sums up our day pretty well. Lots of Charlie and his new toys.

Also no pants (or, if you’re a grown up, shorts) and bare feet.

We made a fabulous dinner – roasted pork loin, salad, cheese grits, roasted broccoli and that cranberry cheesecake which did turn out just fine! – and agreed it might be better than Thanksgiving…except no pie…

Saturday was our family get-together. We took a lot of photos and it amazes me how hard it can be to get six people (and one dog) to smile…at the same time…at the camera.

Yesterday we rested. Seriously, my FitBit says I took two naps…and got eight hours of sleep. Perfect beginning for a day that featured Girls Lunch Out at our favorite Bistro VG.

 Jillian, Karen, Sara, me, Katie and Lydia

Tomorrow is a newsletter day. I think it’s gonna be harder than usual to get myself in gear. Thankfully, I’ve already taken the photos (and I’ve already cast on the featured project).

Hope you had a wonderful holiday…and got at least one great photo!

9 thoughts on “Christmas 2015.

  1. Your first photo reminds me of our house on Christmas morning when I was a kid. It IS Christmas when there were people and presents everywhere!

  2. It looks like a wonderful time was had by all – good toys, good food, and good fun! I barely took any decent photos, but so often that's the case when we're having a really good time. Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us!

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