Throwback Thursday | 1980.

…the first year that Marc and I spent Christmas together (at my parents’ house in New Jersey).

my dad, my mom, me and Marc

That tree-top ornament just above my mom’s head is the one that’s on my bird tree now.

I’m not even gonna do the math to figure out how old we all were then. But I know we were all younger than Marc and I are now…and that seems crazy. As does all that hair (well on my dad and Marc…and not so much on me 🙂

Thank you all so much for your get well wishes. I am happy to report that Charlie is pretty much back to himself (with three times daily breathing treatments). He was able to take part in his school holiday program this afternoon. I promise I will have photos – and maybe even a video! – to share tomorrow.

But now I have to run – I’m hosting bookclub … in 30 minutes!

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday | 1980.

  1. Love seeing pictures of friends from long ago, as I feel like we know each other a little better. So glad Charlie has recovered. At the moment Smith is so sick! He's a trooper. You know, not the usual man-cold guy.

  2. It's so much fun to see how we do and don't change over the years… I think I see Sara in your mom? Glad to hear that Charlie's on the mend; sure it's a relief. Which type of ice cream did the trick?Cheers~

  3. I was just looking at some pictures from my first Christmas with my husband's family. Yes, we were definitely younger, but what I felt most amazed by…all of the little children running around are now married with families of their own.

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