Looking Back | November.

…I was tempted to share the story of my latest “queue adjustment”, but no, I’ll save that for another day. Because it’s already the 4th and I haven’t shared last month’s collage.

It’s hard to see the changing seasons here. Except for my Saturday morning posts, there isn’t much scenery. It feels like we spent a lot of time indoors…rain, rain and more rain…and a memorial. (so I guess we did).

I love that I got myself in the picture more than usual. That Sunday Self-Portrait series is something I’d like to continue (maybe on a monthly basis). and Charlie, and Holly and a few drinks (more coffee, less wine). I’m happy that I captured twinkle lights on the 30th (I’m sure December will be full of them!)

When Carole shared her collage, I commented that I had a few untold stories in mine. Surprising considering we blogged every day last month, right?

I’m going to save the yoga story (Monday the 16th) for a full post, but here are two quick stories:

The birthday card featured on Wednesday the 18th is from Theresa, the owner of Cast-on Cottage.

(that’s my Stole 2.0 in the background). I thought I might need to use this for a Words in the Wild post, but I didn’t. That center part comes out of the card and makes a bookmark. Expect to see a few of these in my 2016 intentions.

and this one, from Monday the 23rd, as Katie and I set out for the “road trip” to PJ’s visitation. Metro Atlanta traffic can be a bear, and we had an hour plus drive (for 38 miles).  Katie drove and I picked up the coffees.

I had Starbucks rewards for two free drinks and told Katie she could pick whatever she wanted. She chose this one and texted #highmaintenance. I replied “likemotherlikedaughter. That is exactly the order I’d make myself! #twopeasinapod.

…and there you have it. another month of photos. and another month I’m so happy this is a daily habit.

5 thoughts on “Looking Back | November.

  1. A great group of pictures! And I love the card! Have to say I feel intimidated by Starbucks…I would have no idea how to order. Guess I need to find someone who knows the lingo. 🙂 Can't wait to hear the untold stories.

  2. I think I see a lot of knitting in November, but that's probably true for most of your months! We finally have a Starbucks being built and opening soon, but I'm with Penny; I'm not sure I'm smart enough to translate what I want into "Starbuckese"!

  3. I love the Collect app too for the very same reason…so nice to reflect on the dailies and monthy gratitudes…a picture is worth a 1000…cheers~

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