Saturday Morning.

…no walk in the park for me today. Instead, Marc and I were at Home Depot dark early to get our tree.

pretty sure we were the first customers this morning
the view from my driveway just after we unloaded the tree

and then Holly and took one quick loop around the neighborhood. because steps. and Game Day! (I’ve got my cowl ready… and only hope it will be our lucky charm today).

Kickoff is at noon. Go Jackets!!

9 thoughts on “Saturday Morning.

  1. Good morning! And I saw that sunrise this morning too! (So, I know how early you were up n' bout!) Love photo of Marc in the elf cut-out! Did you get a photo fo you there, too? Good luck with the gameCheers~

  2. Cute elf picture. 🙂 And what a gorgeous sky! Can't wait to get started on Christmas preparations, but first we need to get rid of the cold that is circulating through our house. Hope your team won!

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