FO Friday | Birthday Mitts.

…one of my very favorite things about knitting is seeing someone wear – and love – something I’ve made for them.

Thank you, dear Honoré, for brightening my week with this photo of you wearing the mitts I knit you for your birthday!

Honore loves to write and she loves to be outside; I figured fingerless mitts might be just the thing to keep her hands (somewhat) warm for both. The colorway – Malabrigo’s Liquidambar – was inspired by her Baltimore Album Quilt (there’s a photo near the bottom of this post that shows the fabric).

The colors are cozy and warm…and I enjoyed the knitting along with several cups of tea (in mugs that matched perfectly)!

This is the second time I’ve made these mitts; and I cannot recommend the pattern highly enough. Even better, most skeins of worsted weight yarn will make two pairs (even if you make the mitts a smidge longer than the pattern suggests, like I did this time – you can see my notes on Ravelry here).

Wishing you a wonderful weekend; hope it’s full of cozy and warm!

10 thoughts on “FO Friday | Birthday Mitts.

  1. Love this! The pattern, which I will definitely try, the color, and the happy smile on Honore's face! Always heart warming when a recipient truly loves what you knit for them!

  2. When I saw the photo on Ravelry I thought they were named because you were knitting them on your birthday. I should have known that you were generously making them as a gift! Beautiful yarn, great pattern, wonderful thoughtfulness!

  3. What a lovely gift! And such beautiful colors in the yarn! Seeing the wonderful pieces you knit makes me want to give knitting another try.

  4. I love these fingerless gloves…my very first pair…not only because they are warm but mainly because they were knit by my friend Mary, knitter extraordinarie. They are perfect: the yarn is soft and the colors, a lovely reminder of my new quilting project! But most importantly, they bring a big smile to my heart when I think about and/or put on. Thank you ever so much Mary for this treasure. Love and Cheers~

  5. Cozy, soft, useful and beautiful…the mitts are a very lovely gift. You are very thoughtful to knit something you knew she would use and enjoy.

  6. Such pretty mitts! Such a lovely gift! I was smiling too when I saw the photo of Honore' wearing them – because I have that same coffee mug!Linda in VA

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