Self-Portrait | Good Morning.

…inspired by this poem:

Good Morning

Good morning world. I’m
stiff, but optimistic. Good
morning birds. They fly
around the feeder like seed-
seeking missiles. Good
morning breath. I feel the
rise and fall of chest, the
easy out and in that signals
relaxation. Good morning
mist. The low clouds shroud
the mountains, drift through
the yard like wisps of smoke.
Good morning heart. Its
slow rhythm keeps me
company. The day awoke
two hours ago, and I’m just
catching up. Senses take in
this morning like a sponge.
Thoughts not yet caught up
in things to do follow the
raucous calls of crows and
wonder who they’ve found
to scold. A clear sense of
oneness pervades it all.
Spirit infuses the dew that
clings to every blade of
grass; Spirit lifts the front
leg of the doe as she passes
the soft ground by the salt
lick; Spirit fills me with the
buoyant certainty that this
day was made for the whole
purpose of celebrating

– Danna Faulds, from One Soul

12 thoughts on “Self-Portrait | Good Morning.

  1. I do believe Ms. Faulds has described my feelings in the morning perfectly – "I'm stiff, but optimistic." And if not always optimistic, at least hopeful.

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