Looking Back | October.

…it’s a busy week of blogging when I don’t get to last month’s photos until the 7th! Looking back at October, I’m reminded of the slow season change here – and I’m amazed how much blue sky I captured. Truly we need to build arks here; it’s the wettest October (and beginning of November) I can remember. The camellias made a lovely show, and that hydrangea from the 11th still had pretty blooms when I saw it yesterday.

I still need to tell more of the story from my visit to Alabama (coming this month for sure) and apparently I need to get my cocktail on – this is the first month in … many! … with none (save a solo beer on the 9th on my evening walk with Holly). I have a feeling it won’t be hard…there’s a birthday, an anniversary and lot of family gatherings for the holiday.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend – and hopefully you’ll see and share some blue skies. We need to see some!

5 thoughts on “Looking Back | October.

  1. You may need to correct your cocktail deficiency post-haste! That might make the rainy, gray skies a bit more bearable. 🙂

  2. It's been gray, cold, wintery here. October was beautiful, November, not so much. Your mosaic certainly shows the change of season.

  3. No blue sky here today but when we do have, I make every effort to get out and enjoy! The beer reminds me that I meant to go buy wine today and totally forgot! Phooey!Enjoy seeing that Holly…she warm up to Charlie yet?Cheers~

  4. Wonderful blues – they really jump out, don't they … Your mosaic is such a good idea. And over here, October was glorious (for us) and since November arrived, it has not stopped raining!

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