FO Friday | Adama.

…for Sara’s birthday.

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I bought the yarn at “her” LYS, The Knitting Tree, when I visited in July. It’s Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino – a soft, drapey single-ply, with a little bit of halo. I knew Sara would love the pale gray. and it’s a yarn my shop doesn’t carry. I said I wanted to knit her a cowl and suggested a few patterns; she chose Adama.

This is another shawl-cowl hybrid designed by Hilary Smith Callis. I have to say, the whole concept is inspired! The piece starts out with a garter tab cast-on, just like a top-down shawl. You work flat for two sections, then join in the round to finish. And this lace pattern was a lot of fun – even a little challenging! (in other words, there was a bit of ripping and re-knitting…but not so much it got frustrating)

Apparently Sara had forgotten all about the yarn, so she was surprised when she opened the package on Wednesday. But she remembered…and says she loves it. I hope I’ll get a modeled photo soon!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Love the soft coziness of that cowl/scarf/shawl and it looks very wearable. It might be the perfect style for very cold weather.

  2. Oh, that's gorgeous! It looks so soft & cozy! I've been to The Knitting Tree but it's been ages. My sister Sharon used to go there, too (a LONG time ago) and I have an old (probably approaching "vintage") knitting bag from there!

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