Saturday Morning.

…Lauren and I walked at the park this morning. Not Dark Early, just early. With sunrise coming close to 7:45 am, it’s been a few weeks since we’ve walked the trail. I was worried all the rain might’ve spoiled the fall colors, but there are still plenty of leaves, and the color is beautiful. There was a quiet calm around us this morning and we agreed the overcast sky, just turning to daylight was a lovely backdrop. This is one of our favorite spots – there’s a bend in the path and if you walk slowly, you can hear the brook singing…ever so softly.

It was the best way to begin the day. (and I’m not gonna lie that a quiet hour in the early afternoon is also a nice way to segue to the craziness that might be coming later!)Wishing everyone a wonderful – and SAFE – Halloween!  

7 thoughts on “Saturday Morning.

  1. This photo reminds me so much of the woods with the creek I walked so many times when I was growing up in Ohio! Thanks for the good memories it brought back….Linda in VA

  2. Even though it wasn't a bright sunny day-our morning bike ride was lovely like this, perhaps because there weren't tons of people on the trail.

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