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today’s topic is about packing our carry-on bags. Carole called it a “travel tote bag”. I no longer consider myself an expert traveler, and I’m certainly not an expert flyer. So I asked Marc to weigh in. He’s headed to Toronto dark early tomorrow morning and – hopefully – he’ll be home tomorrow night. That’s expert in my book!

His “carry-on” is his regular work backpack. No matter if he’s traveling to the airport or to his office, he packs:

1. passport

2. reading glasses (these have a special place, just below the handle and he tells me he never takes them out unless he’s really “traveling”)

3. phone & charger

4. keys

5. laptop & charger (if he’ll be gone more than one night, he says he’ll also take his iPad)

6. moleskine notebook, a pencil and a pen

7. protein bar

8. headphones

9. business cards

10. a “ditty bag” that could be a Ten on Tuesday all by itself. I don’t think there’s anything embarrassing or illegal here … I must admit I was impressed by the variety of tea bags (and pills)!

1. chapstick 2. cough drops 3. cold meds 4. earplugs 5. tissues 6. tea bags 7. altoids 8. eye mask 9. hand wipes 10. gum

He keeps his wallet (cash, drivers license and credit cards) in a pocket. As he walked me through all the things…in all their places…I had memories of myself all those years ago (I wasn’t sad…more like amazed how I ever managed!). I guess it’s good he’s not a knitter, because he’d have no place for yarn and needles!

I’m looking forward to learning more about what y’all pack…if you’re not already playing along, click here to join the Ten on Tuesday fun!

8 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday | Traveling Light.

  1. That's great! Though I didn't have headphones on my list I recently purchased a new pair specifically because of the LOUD ladies behind me on the most recent flight I took 🙂

  2. This is seriously impressive; a place for everything and everything in its place! I do think that anyone that travels as much as Marc should consider knitting. Think of all that plane and airport knitting time! Safe travels to Toronto.

  3. My boss travels like this-never checks his bags even for a 5+ day trip. The ditty bag is such a great idea considering how much he travels.

  4. I love the whole concept of traveling light – and I am impressed by how much he can fit in. My own proudest traveling light moment was going to Costa Rica for nine days last year with one small backpack weighing in at only 6 lbs.

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