Game Day Cowl.

…my second FO from September. finished, photographed, and already worn a few times.

on Ravelry here

I bought the yarn back in 2010 intending to knit Sara something for Georgia Tech game days. It’s a beautiful white and gold combination, thanks to the fantastic dyeing by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark (of the now closed Kitchen Sink Dyeworks). I found the gold at her booth at Stitches South that spring and she custom-dyed the white to match. Of course once I had the yarn, Sara didn’t really want me to knit her anything for game days.

Fast forward five years and I found Kirsten Kapur’s Rivington Cowl pattern. I love the stripes and the lace; it was a really fun knit…that went surprisingly quickly once I actually worked on it. This was my project for Kirsten’s Summer Shawl KAL and I tore through the lace edging in one long weekend to have it finished by her September 15 deadline.

modeled on my dress form for Kirsten’s FO thread

This was also my project for the Yarniacs Colors of Fall KAL (I see a lot of Oak Buff in both yarns). We had to share finished photos modeled with a fall look. Thank you to Katie for these photos!

my go-to fall outfit – black jeans, a chambray shirt…and a cowl!

On a sad note, since I finished the cowl, Georgia Tech hasn’t won a game (yep, three straight losses). We play Clemson (ranked #4) tomorrow. I’ll be wearing my cowl anyway!

13 thoughts on “Game Day Cowl.

  1. Just lovely, Mary! I've always thought that was a beautiful pattern — the colors you chose (school loyalty or no school loyalty) are perfect. Hope you have a win this weekend. 🙂 (Black jeans and a chambray shirt – with or without a cowl – is also in my fall wardrobe line-up. Can't go wrong. . . )

  2. I love it – beautiful colors and such a pretty pattern. It looks great with your black jeans and denim shirt, too. I hope they win it for you next time!

  3. You have model-like elegance and verve! And your cowl is just so pretty … That lacey look seems quite challenging to knit, to my eyes. (And I'm longing to know what an FO is – is it Finished Object? Just guessing …).

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