Hello October!

morning journal time…love this month’s calendar photo – hard to believe Charlie was that little just a year ago!

…finally! Limited sunshine, too much rain and what felt like it might be a cold but was maybe just allergies and today is the first day of this new month – my favorite! – that really feels like OCTOBER. Here are a few things I’m ready to give a warm welcome:

  • Birthday Season – beginning next week, we’ll celebrate five family birthdays in five weeks.
  • Sweater Weather, and wearing jeans and boots (or ballet flats).
  • Slow cooker meals. I made chicken soup with couscous on Saturday. Marc says it reminds him of chicken and dumplings (which is, I think, a compliment!)
  • Crisp morning walks, crunching on leaves.
  • College football weekends (even when our team doesn’t win, it’s still a great reason on knit!)
  • The return of Homeland. This is the only show I’m going to watch all year … in real time. Which I’m loosely interpreting to mean “Monday afternoons”; I’ll be watching last night’s season premier (YAY for our DVR working again!) just as soon as I press Publish on this post!

What about you – what are you welcoming this month?

8 thoughts on “Hello October!

  1. We enjoy Homeland, too, but I might wait and let a few episodes build up before we watch. I suppose it's time to put away the flip flops and break out the boots. Sigh.

  2. There's a cosy hunkering-down tone in your list :). I'm still resisting socks – I like to try and make it into mid-October or the start of November before I'll give up! We have birthdays, hospital visits for Dad and several weekends of visitors here.

  3. You're more ready for autumn than I am! This week will be back in the 80s so I plan on bare toes once again. Smith checked a slow cooker book out of the library. I think I have him well trained. 🙂

  4. We had a chilly, rainy weekend that called for chicken soup here also. No couscous though; John would probably wonder what that "exotic" (meaning not noodles or rice) ingredient was doing in his soup! My cold (not allergies with a sore throat and body aches) sabotaged me morning; I hope your symptoms are long gone!

  5. It is not yet sock weather (for me) here in Illinois, even though it was a bit cool this past weekend. I spent most of my life in upstate NY, so everyone tells me it has made me more tolerant of cold! I can't wait for that cool, crisp, sweater weather!

  6. Although we had a chilly weekend, it's comfortable (enough) for flip-flops today. I'll fight "sweater-weather" until the bitter end. Because god know we get enough of it. Enjoy October. It is a glorious month.

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