Wednesday Knitting.

…on my own.

It takes a lot for us to cancel – crazy work deadlines, illness, travel – and this week I added a new reason “our DVR isn’t working and the soonest AT&T can come is Wednesday…between 4 and 8”. Thankfully, Joe came just before 5 and quickly plugged in the wire that magically fixed the whole thing (the wrap up with AT&T’s service center took a bit longer so it was nearly 6 when he left and I could take Holly out for a walk). But after that I had my knitting and wine time. Of course this view looks like the other six nights around here…I’m really looking forward to next week! 

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Knitting.

  1. Sorry things have been crazy for everyone and you've been left to your own devices. Trouble with cable makes me crazy and I'm so glad Smith deals with it. Your knitting looks soft and cozy.

  2. "It beees that way, sometimes." Glad it was something simple but of course too complicated for us mere mortals.. Lovely setting for your Wed eve knitting sessions, even if a tad lonely this time. Til next week…Cheers~

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