Ten on Tuesday | Fall Eats.

…our air conditioner hasn’t run since Friday – but looks like it might be back on by the weekend.

No matter, the mornings are still cool enough to contemplate turning on the oven, so I’m all about this week’s Ten on Tuesday and what I’m looking forward to eating – and drinking – now that fall is (almost) here.

1. oatmeal. I like mine with dried cranberries, walnuts and a little almond milk.

2. roasted pork tenderloin and hot mushroom salad (this is still a favorite meal for me and Marc), as is

3. mexican chicken soup.

4. garlic mashed potatoes.

5. roasted butternut squash.

6. roasted chicken.

7. figs.

8. steamed almond milk with a dash of sugar and pumpkin pie spice.

9. chai tea.

10. fall shipments from our wine clubs are due to arrive in a few weeks, which means … red wine!

Can’t wait to see your list(s) … I’m ready for all the things warm and comforting!

and as I just typed that I realized it was a great segue to the Charlie photo I have to share from today.

This was taken just before 11:30 am. I managed to keep him awake through lunch, but not through all of his pre-nap story. Nothing says “warm comfort” quite like a snuggle with a blanket, a good book and a full tummy.

7 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday | Fall Eats.

  1. What a delicious, warm, and comforting list, and your photo is the epitome of warm and comforting. It does my heart good to see a sweet boy asleep with his blanket after reading Farmer Duck!

  2. That is how I looked when I was reading in bed last night! I'm wondering if I've ever had a fig – don't recall it if I did!Linda in VA

  3. Hadn't thought about adding the pumpkin spice to my own warm drinks-good idea! Snuggy blanket, full tummy and a good book-yes please!

  4. Love the upcoming fall menu items, especially the squash! Yum! And Charlie on his way to dreamtime after a good meal and with a good book~ priceless!Cheer~

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