Happy Birthday Charlie!

…our favorite little guy turned one yesterday and we celebrated all weekend long.

Saturday we had a small party here with just our immediate family. We opened gifts – have to say, the tissue paper we all used abundantly for wrapping was a huge hit!

I think he likes the blanket, but he really loves all the new books and a set of finger puppets featuring barnyard animals.

For this “first cake”, I baked a carrot cake and one cupcake with cream cheese frosting just for him. He totally got the point of frosting.

But it wasn’t until his big party yesterday that he really got into it. literally.

Aren’t they a cute family?! It was fun to see so many friends and family (some of whom I haven’t seen since they got married over two years ago) all gathered to celebrate them and this little one.

Katie did a wonderful job with the food and the decorations. Everyone loved the photo wall. What a year it’s been!

She let the guests take photos home. These are my four.

We tried late in the afternoon for a Marmie and Charlie photo. Would you believe this is the best we could do?

And we didn’t get any with his Aunt Sara…who made a special trip from Wisconsin to be part of the celebration. Oh well, we do have the memories and a renewed focus to do better the next time she’s here!

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Charlie!

  1. The photo wall is the cutest idea! How on earth can Charlie be one!? He grows more handsome by the day. The blanket is fabulous and I'm glad it was a hit with Charlie, too.

  2. What wonderful parties Charlie had! Fly Away is wonderful and I hope he like The Day the Crayons Came Home as much as I do. If Charlie is anything like my boys, he may not want to sit still and cooperate for photos for another year or two!

  3. What a fun party! And Sara, too! BONUS! With a baby on the move, I'm sure it's a challenge to photograph anything/anyone else! What a darling boy — Happy Birthday! (A friend who is a photographer once told me that the hardest child-photos to take are those of "one-year-olds-who-can-walk.")

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday Charlie. We've all loved watching you grow over your first year and looking forward to year two! Love that everyone had such a super great time!Cheers~

  5. Oh! Happy Birthday Charlie!!! What a wonderful celebration(s). Junah will be 2 in only 3 months and all I can say is that the theme of the second full year seems to be FULL SPEED AHEAD!! Hang on, Grandma! 😉

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