A Wednesday Knitting Special.

…I know I’ve shared many stories here about how my sister and I meet every Wednesday evening to knit. and drink wine. and catch up. and plan things. and generally re-connect in a way that makes me grateful every single week that we live close enough to do it.

but this week it was a little different. my niece Jillian joined us. She moved to Austin this past spring and this is her first visit back home. I have to say I was beyond excited when Karen texted that she’d be joining us…and ready to start a new sweater (yes, this niece is a knitter*!)

I mixed up a batch of Moscow Mules and we shared two hours of porch time. Swatching, knitting, catching up, planning things and generally re-connecting. As always. but with the special *zing* that sharing it with one of our grown children – who KNITS!!! – brings!

*Hill Country Weavers is her LYS… I’m almost tempted to throw my promised February visit to Sara and the frozen lakes of Madison aside…just to see all that Brooklyn Tweed in person!

11 thoughts on “A Wednesday Knitting Special.

  1. So.Fun. What an awesome connection you all have. (And I'm so jealous that you get regular, weekly sister-time. What a gift!)

  2. Such fun! And such happiness in that picture. And just in case you come to New England…I'll take you to Harrisville where the BT is made! 🙂

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