Ten on Tuesday | Ordinary Joy.

…it’s great to be back with Carole, who just returned from two weeks at the beach. Her topic is “Seemingly Ordinary Things that Bring You Joy” –  what a wonderful way to come back to post-vacation reality!

1. I started my list dark-early this morning, just after pouring that first cup of coffee. with freshly warmed milk. Makes me smile every single day!
2. Real mail from a friend.
3. Avocado toast.
4. Morning or evening sunshine on the porch.
5. A pedicure.
6. Fresh flowers on the kitchen counter.
7. Bright blue skies spotted with puffy white clouds. Bonus points that we had these today!
8. A freshly made bed (especially when Marc makes it).
9. Early morning FaceTimes with Charlie (and his mama) – typically not a Tuesday feature.
10. Sharing Tuesdays with Charlie.
…even when he skips his morning nap and falls asleep over lunch. His mama used to fall asleep over dinner. Still makes me smile.
and especially when we get to share pear gelato. which he apparently loves. and will even ham it up for the camera to prove it!
I hope you found Joy in your Ordinary today, too. 
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9 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday | Ordinary Joy.

  1. I loved seeing those puffy clouds in a clear blue sky as I scrolled down, and really loved seeing Charlie, asleep and wide awake! I don't think my kids fell asleep over meals, but Charlie does it completely adorably!

  2. Two through eight are on my list! I love avocado toast with a fresh garden tomato! Charlie is so very cute and his smile makes me smile back!

  3. oh how I love avocado! I found this pretty pitcher at Home Goods recently – and immediately went out to buy myself some flowers to put in. I need to get some fresh ones!That Charlie asleep picture is darling!Linda in VA

  4. That Charlie is such a scene – stealer! Love his antics and happy personality; always brightens my ordinary Tuesdays – or close to it.Today isThurs and I'm eating b'fast at IKEA – there are birds flying throughout the resataurant and chirping. Certainly not an ordinary b'fast, 'cept when i come here!Cheers~

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