Happy Birthday!

…to my mom! I don’t often get to share in the celebration in person, so it’s especially sweet that I’m visiting this weekend. We have big plans later today for brownie pie, games, mimosas and FaceTime with family. Hopefully it will seem like 2008, when my brother, sister and I were all here together.

Happy Birthday, Mother! xxoo. 

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Happy Happy Birthday to your mom! You all look so happy in those photos and I'm sure the love emanated is just as strong today as it was when first taken. Enjoy!Cheers~

  2. You all do look so happy in those pictures! Reminds me of being with all of my siblings and my parents! Happy Happy Birthday to your dear Mom…Linda in VA

  3. What a wonderful celebration! I can feel the love through my computer. So glad you were all together for a memorable celebration. XO

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