Throwback Thursday | A Garden.

Steve & I – in Grandma’s garden – Santa Rosa, California – July, 1966

Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.  – Marcel Proust

When I read those words, I immediately thought of this photo. But in my memory, it was my grandparents standing with me amidst the flowers. I was charmed when I pulled out the photo this morning to see my brother there with me instead. Regardless, the message I had – and the one I wanted to share – was about family. …and about what a beautiful garden my grandma had. It’s pretty clear where my mom’s green thumb comes from!

7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday | A Garden.

  1. That is a sweet photo and a really lovely quote. My grandmother had a lovely garden (flowers and vegetables) in the middle of a small city, and I think of her often in the summer when I'm preparing our garden produce. She truly was a charming gardener who made my soul blossom, in many ways. Thank you for these words!

  2. What a sweet photo! Both of my grandmothers had lovely, old fashioned gardens and I loved playing in them…making daisy chains and hollyhock girls. The photos I have are in b&w and don't show the gardens very well, but I have those good memories!

  3. Such a sweet photo and story … And how could you NOT grow up to be so lovely, with all that beauty and creativity in flowers and people around you!

  4. Your grandma's "best-est" flowers in her garden: you and Steve! Love this photo of you and him. When I first saw it, he reminded me a bit of Charlie! Isn't it fun to look back?Cheers~

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