Looking Back | June.

…I got a little behind with my daily photos last month. When I looked this morning, the last photo I had was for June 15th. I’m definitely in the habit of taking the photo, but I guess not so much with the collage piece. So it was a real treat this morning to (finally – yes, it’s the ninth day of July already!) compile the collage

and then reflect back on the month of June:

Yay for colors (despite that bit of black and white the week of June 21 – some of which was done by me post-processing and some of which was done by Mother Nature), Charlie exploring, Holly (three photos!), reading, a little more knitting (still no FOs, but that will definitely change this month)…and a little bit of me (hands and feet – three times!)

I’ve already shared many of these photos here, but one, from that last Friday never made it (until now).

This letter arrived that day, confirming a lunch date with “Cousin Lois”. She doesn’t have email or a smart phone, so I resorted to good ol’ postal mail to propose the date. I mailed my letter the week before and was delighted to receive her prompt reply. complete with a newspaper clipping about the owner of Epic (the company Sara works for – I love that articles travel from Madison to Atlanta and then back to Madison again…and some even make a detour to my folks in Florida before coming here!)

We did enjoy a very nice lunch on the 2nd. Sadly I didn’t get a photo, but I just realized I never shared the one from our last lunch (February 14) here either – so here you go! That’s my sister, Lois, Sara and me.
A photo posted by mary (@mere2007) on Feb 14, 2015 at 1:41pm PST

I know I’m late to the Looking Back party, but I hope you had a good month – what was your most colorful memory?

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  1. Hmmm, most colorful-probably the big red for sale sign! No takers yet, so that's a bit of a bummer 😦 What a fun way to set up a lunch date-like the USED to do!

  2. So fun to see lots of Charlie and I really love the picture of Holly. Snail mail is still a great way to communicate!

  3. Walking through Central Park, visiting the Met, and then sweet treats at Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC with two of my daughters. Love that you keep up with the photo a day. I must start again. Have really slacked off. How can it be almost mid-July?!

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