Watercolor Wednesday | Green.

looking up. the oak tree in our front yard.
It is a green world,
lush and damp, drops
of water poised on
grass blades, some
leaves large as dinner
plates. To describe
the scene, I need more 
words for green. There
must be tropical tongues,
words sprouting from
the depths of rain
forests, languages rich
with more verdant
imagery than English.
It is green world,
chartreuse, jade,
and olive mix in
the vista like 
tossed salad;
cucumber, emerald,
lime, the deep
satisfying green
of pea vines,
the blue-green
of pines in shadow,
the pale green of 
early applies
favorited by the 
deer. Green was
the first thought
I had this morning
when I opened my
eyes, and looked outside.
– Danna Faulds

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