Looking Back | May.

…these collages never fail to delight me! May was full of flowers, books and reading (and planning about more reading), getting outside … and people! As always, Charlie features prominently (six photos), but there’s my dad (twice) and my mom, my brother, Katie (twice) … and me (three times!)

There isn’t much knitting. though. Charlie’s new blanket made its FO appearance on the 5th and the only WIP is that pink scarf on the 9th and 27th. I’m hoping June will be a little different, at least by month’s end.

If you’re reading this post in a reader, you might not notice that I updated the blog banner and colors this morning. It’s full-on summer outside and I’m happy to welcome the new season here, too.

Wishing you the best of weekends!

7 thoughts on “Looking Back | May.

  1. The color pop of the flowers and many, many happy faces are what I see most in your May. Hope your weekend is one of delight, Mary!

  2. "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." ~Annie Dillard. Your May days look like a very good life indeed! Sending good PT thoughts for more knitting in June.

  3. I've been such a bad blogger, and there's been lots to blog about! I'm very grumpy right now as the living room got re-arranged without my consent šŸ˜¦

  4. I did indeed notice, as I always click through, and your lilies (day lilies?) make a very summery start to the page. I enjoy seeing these montages – they give a great flavour of the month, don't they? Sad about the lack of knitting though, and hope this rights itself soon so you can start steaming towards the autumn!

  5. Great month! Love the photo of you superimposed on the book page – how did you do that?! Take it easy with the knittingā€¦give that arm plenty of rest. I know it must be hard but worth it in the end.Cheers~

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