Ten on Tuesday | On the Radio.

…iTunes radio, that is. Today Carole has asked us to share the first ten songs that play on our favorite station. While Charlie ate his breakfast this morning, it was Imagine Dragons (thank you to my sister for introducing me to their music; this station is a regular at our Wednesday evening meet-ups) and here are the first ten songs I heard:1. Demons, Imagine Dragons2. The Scientist, Coldplay3. Sink or Swim, Bad Lieutenant4. Tiptoe, Imagine Dragons5. On the Wing, Owl City6. Home, Phillip Phillips7. Sail, AWOLNATION (this was the only song I skipped ;-)8. Whispers, Passenger (this one was brand new for me and I liked it!)9. Burn, Ellie Goulding10. Dog Days are Over, Florence + the MachineMore than specific songs, today I’m hoping to get pointers on which stations I might like to try. And on which platform… I have iTunes, Amazon and Spotify on my iPad. I’m sure at some point I had Pandora, but no longer. Which is your favorite?…and as a small reward for reading all the way to the bottom, here’s one of my favorites from today (apologies to my Instagram friends…you’ve likely seen it already!)

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7 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday | On the Radio.

  1. I don't actually use Pandora anymore, because I find it too repetitive. I always plan to try Spotify (and maybe I'll do that soon. . . ), but usually end up to my own music library on iTunes. (And that little Charlie is growing awfully quickly! Such a sweetheart.)

  2. He's beginning to wonder what you're doing and might be getting the hang of the camera. You'll have a ham on your hands soon. I will stay away from streaming radio for as long as I can. My library will continue to grow so I can keep control of my musical world. Thanks for the Charlie fix!

  3. I need to be more "with it" in terms of music-maybe after we are done-done at the house I'll have more free time to explore.

  4. I'm not much help with music platforms; lately I'm almost always listening to an audiobook on my ipod. Charlie has beautiful eyes and I bet there will be many girls that agree with me in several years!

  5. I am clearly a dinosaur as far as music is concerned! but your bright-eyed little grandson has made me smile.

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