Ten on Tuesday | Cinco de Mayo!

…cue the mariachis and start juicing those limes! In honor of Cinco de Mayo, Carole’s asked us to list our ten favorite Mexican foods. I’ve been to Mexico a few times and I know my “Mexican” favorites are really more “American”… but for today, that’s what I’m celebrating – olé!

1. margaritas – not frozen, no salt and a little bit of extra citrus (Katie mixed up this batch and it was … perfect!)2. guacamole – avocados, garlic, lime juice, jalapeno and tomato. best accompanied by3. cucumber and carrots (and jicama but I usually don’t have that sitting in my vegetable drawer); and 4. chips. thin and still warm from the deep fryer is best…but I’ll settle ;-)if I make it past the drinks course (I’ve definitely made a few meals off those four things), then I’d want tacos:5. grilled fish with accompanying 6. just-made corn tortillas, 7. mango salsa and 8. cabbage slawand if I were still hungry… 9. a dark chocolate, and 10. a dark coffee.

I can only hope this little guy inherits my taste for spicy and fun food – for sure it’s in his genes!Click here to join the Ten on Tuesday fun.

6 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday | Cinco de Mayo!

  1. I love how you planned the whole meal! I wondered whether we would be treated to a Charlie photo, but it looks like he's quite happy with his Cinco de Mayo celebration. I'm also loving those sock colors!

  2. I "celebrated" last week with a mojito, and last night with a bbq and pepper jack quesadilla. I did have some yummy tacos and chips in Fort Worth.

  3. We seem to like the same things! LOVE your Juliska bowl! I really would love to replace my everyday dishes with Juliska. Sigh…

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