Looking Back | April.

…Spring gave a wonderful show, and by month’s end it seemed like Summer!

I love all the pops of color from the beginning of the month, but blue still seems to be the dominant theme in the sky, the knitting, the attire, and even the Braves schedule (Thursday, April 9th), The one “on purpose” black and white from the day we drove back from South Carolina (Monday, April 20) blends in well…. that last ten days was nearly as bright – except for the Charlie & Katie smiles.

I count seven knitting photos, covering three beginnings (Playtime, Baseball and Same Same), three middles (Baseball – twice – but yikes I haven’t worked on it since that last photo on Saturday, April 25!;and Beach Blanket on the 30th) and one FO (Playtime)!

As usual, Charlie featured prominently – I’m really struck, seeing these photos all together, by the change from April 1 to April 30. A little over four weeks and wow, he looks like a little boy now (he’ll be eight months old next week. crazy fast!)  And I love that I captured Charlie #1 (as he calls himself) as well (Saturday, April 18). Of course he hasn’t aged one bit since we first met him in 1977 🙂

May promises more summer, more knitting (and hopefully some crochet – I promised my students I’d make real progress on my afghan), more Charlie (of course) and a lot more family. My folks are due to arrive in town on Sunday and they’ll be here for two weeks, including that big reunion over Memorial Day. Despite being 31 days, it feels like a very short month.

I’m glad Spring has (finally!) found everyone…and look forward to seeing more Summer from everyone, too!

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  1. So many cute pictures of Charlie and I love the pop of color in the flowers. Only one Holly. I'd love to see more of her, although I know Charlie has your eye right now.

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