Ten on Tuesday | Last Week.

Carole was on vacation last week (lucky girl!) and has asked us to catch her up on what she missed. Honestly, it wasn’t much from my end, but here goes:1. Drove back from South Carolina (and eventually wrote a blog post about our weekend).2. Finished Charlie’s Playtime sweater and got him to model it for me.3. Shared wine and a lot of laughter with my sister and Katie (and enjoyed having Rob sit in for one more glass).4. Knitted … on socks, Twinleaf, Same Same and my baseball scarf.

5. Published the shop’s newsletter.

6. Wrote four long-overdue cards (I still have a few more to go but this was a great start!)7. Volunteered with the knitting and crochet group at the nursing home.8. Started the weekend at wine-thirty on Friday afternoon…with two of my favorite people…and two more friends.

9. Finished What Is the What. (this happened Saturday evening and I had to re-listen to the last chapter Sunday morning … to let it really sink in) It’s a heartbreaking and beautiful story. 10. Took two long walks with Holly and was delighted to see this view (am I the only one who thought spring brought only green leaves?!)

Thank you, Carole, for the opportunity to reflect…on a productive and fun week (even without a vacation!) I look forward to seeing more of what everyone else was up to as well. If you’re not signed up for the Ten on Tuesday fun, click here to join.  

6 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday | Last Week.

  1. I love the red maple and sweet pic of sleeping Charlie, but I'm really taken by the wine photo! Maybe because I neglected to put "get wine" on my walking errands list, but I'm putting it in the number one spot for tomorrow! It sounds like a pretty good week and I hope this week is even better for you!

  2. Your week was full of friend, family and lovely things. Love the red maple leaves. This is a fantastic time of year for color. The shop newsletter was fabulous! You do excellent work. I wanted to knit everything.

  3. Reads to me that it was full and great week…"wine-thirty?" Love that!!! The photos are great, especially that of Katie and Charlie.Here's to another great 'normal' week!Cheers~

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