Being Present.

The Practice of Being Present
Attend the breath.
Let the rhythm
slow and settle.
Filling, emptying,
draw the outside 
in, and then release.
Simplicity and ease.
Nothing to do but
breathe, relax and
feel the free
movement of air
and life force,
watch the play
of energy and 
sensation, all
everything to be,
without the need 
to change or fix or
make it different.
This moment, you
can listen to your
soul. This breath,
you can have no
goal but being. You 
are already complete.
This, just this, is 
what it means
to be whole.
– Danna Faulds

Last Friday morning, my yoga teacher read this poem to us at the beginning of our practice. She’s shared poems by Danna Faulds before and I’ve always loved them, but this one made me buy a book. This collection is titled One Soul – More Poems from the Heart of Yoga. I’m looking forward to savoring it, a poem or two at a time.

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  1. This is just the best afternoon tea-break-read! Your yoga teacher is a gem for sharing this author and so are you! Thanks loads! I'm going to check out the book, too!Cheers~

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