Ten on Tuesday | Pot o' Gold.

…in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, today’s list is about what we’d buy if we found that treasure. Totally fun and completely frivolous, here are ten things I’d love to have:

today’s #quiltselfie, marking six months (and our third month of Tuesdays with Marmie). I’m still amazed how much he changes every week – a month at a time, it’s huge!
1. a plane ticket to fly Carole here for a six-month photo shoot with my favorite six-month old. (not that I don’t love our #quiltselfies, but still!).
2. a barista, because I’d have this fabulous setup on my kitchen counter.
3. fresh flowers, delivered weekly.
4. Signature needles, in all the sizes (and hey, since I have the gold, also in all forms – DPNs, straights, and circulars).
5. a big wine fridge.
6. a new party dress.
7. and fun shoes. (and a personal shopper – a few minutes of internet browsing for links turned up nothing I’d want!)
8. a winter beach vacation.
9. an Apple watch.
10. a new yoga wardrobe…from Lululemon.
I had a lot of fun making this list, especially browsing “dream espresso machines”. Thank you, Carole, for another great prompt! (click here to join the Ten on Tuesday fun!)

7 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday | Pot o' Gold.

  1. I love Tuesdays with Charlie photos! And I love that espresso machine – ergonomic, no alkalinity spikes, and maximum practicality for only $10K – how can you resist?!

  2. Charlie is getting used to looking in the camera! Love that smile. I could use everything on your list, come to think of it!

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