Lindsay Finished.

…I came so close to blowing off today’s post. For no good reason except that I was having too much fun knitting hats. and a Christmas sweater for Charlie. But then I looked at my photos and realized that all I really needed to do…was post them. Huge thank you to Katie (and the lovely trees off her back deck that look like a watercolor) for the photos. And to Julie Weisenberger for the pattern. And to Shibui for the yarn. Enough words, here you go.


When my shop hosted a Shibui Mix event earlier this year, this piece was a standout. I modeled the sample and was sold. on the spot (which is saying a lot for a sweater that’s got over $200 worth of yarn in it!). The mix is linen, mohair/silk (Silk Cloud) and wool/alpaca (Cima). Body, drape, warmth…it’s all there. It wasn’t even that hard to hold three strands together (baggies!). The sleeves, which I worked on double points and everyone else worked on 16″ circulars were the fiddliest part – and Julie had you knit them first. I cast on the day that Katie went into labor and this was not the project I took to the hospital…it wasn’t the project I pulled out for the next few weeks either (double points and three strands of yarn in baggies seemed like a bad idea). But I’d committed to finishing by October 31; I did the last cuff and wove in the ends on November 1. Close enough. The piece is lighter than I remember, but still warm. And oh my the details. It fits beautifully and the seams are just right to help it hold its shape.It’s all detailed on Ravelry (here).

6 thoughts on “Lindsay Finished.

  1. Your Lindsay is absolutely exquisite! The stitch pattern, details, finishing, and tailoring are all perfect. You look happy, warm, and lovely – congratulations!

  2. Your jacket is one of the best looking knit designs I've ever seen. The details on the shoulders look taylor made and the stitch designs in the fabric look like well made cloth. Lindsay is exquisite and I know you'll wear her for years to come. Beautiful.

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