Throwback Thursday | Great Grandparents.

…Katie was the first grandchild for both Marc’s and my family. When she was born, all four of her grandparents were living, along with four great grandparents on my side and two on Marc’s. Of course she met the grandparents right away and over the course of her first few years, met all the great’s, too. This photo is from her first meeting with my dad’s parents; they visited us in April, 1987 when Katie was about two months old.

Charlie has four grandparents (all of whom he’s met!) and five great’s. I’m really excited he’s going to meet the first two of them next week when my parents come to visit for Thanksgiving. Just about the same age his mama was. And oh thank goodness for better cameras…and digital!

8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday | Great Grandparents.

  1. I owe much of who I am today to my maternal grandmother; grandparents are great! Great grandparents are extra great, and I'm glad Charlie has so many grands and greats!

  2. How wonderful for Charlie to have all those grands & greats in his life! I had one great-grandmother and four grandparents and they enriched my life in so many ways!

  3. May Charlie be able to make memories with all the great grandparents in his life! I know he'll have many memories of you and Marc.

  4. How wonderful! When I was born (also a first on both sides), I only had grandparents (and 3 greats) on one side of the family. I have always felt the hole in my life of never connecting with my mom's parents (who died tragically far too young) or grandparents. Charlie is a very lucky little boy to have such a full family to welcome him into the world! XO

  5. I didn't have any greats but did have 3 grands and one great aunt who ROCKED. I can't wait to hear all about your parents visit with Charlie. They will be over the moon!

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