Watercolor Wednesday | Morning to Night.

…sunrise to sunset. Today we had them both, beautifully.
I snapped this first shot on my early walk with Holly. at 7:50 a.m. I remember thinking how weird it was to see “sunrise” at ny 8 a.m. I also remember thinking it was too bad I was running late for yoga and I wouldn’t have time to post it to Instagram (nope, even with #nofilter!)
I left yoga just after 9:30 and the weather had changed. It was wet and about 10 degrees cooler. Great weather for grocery shopping. I went to Whole Foods, Costco and Kroger and made it home before 11:30. Time to unload, walk Holly and have one last cup of coffee before I had to get ready for class. Fast forward through knitting class (by the way, I’m now 16+ hours into Outlander #3. loving it!) and then a very fun wine and knitting Wednsday. My turn to host, and Penny is visiting from Birmingham and she dropped in. As did Becca and Virginia (along with Karen and Katie…and Charlie). Loved that they all got to meet Charlie (and agree with me that he’s the sweetest baby ever and that his mama looks great) … and then Marc came home and he had a great time with Charlie, too. His first time seeing Charlie (in real life 🙂 with his eyes open.
Katie left a little early and Karen helped them to the car; she came back to say the sunset was amazing. And of course she was right.
The girls all stayed a little longer. We shared WIPs and swatches (and thoughts about next projects) and then everyone packed up. It was all over well before 8…and long before the first run in that last World Series game.
Marc’s gone to bed and now it’s just me…and seven more innings to play. (Marc and Karen are cheering for Kansas City, but me…Giants all the way!)

5 thoughts on “Watercolor Wednesday | Morning to Night.

  1. I know the girls had fun playing pass the baby! We should start looking for his first set of knitting needles-don't tell the men folk 😉

  2. Yay for the Giants!! The pitcher made history and no one cares or has even reported it. I love hearing about your day and how much you packed into it. Your evening with friends would be wonderful. It's so fun to knit and chat with girlfriends. The watercolored sunrise and sunset look like masterpieces.

  3. Sunrise/Sunset in these parts were glorious too! How lucky we were! We rooted for KC too! C'est la vive. Your day was successful and it's always fun to gather with friends.Cheers~

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