A Super-quick Drive By.

…I “found” this photo when I opened my photostream; I must’ve taken it Sunday evening when Holly and I managed a quick walk in between “severe thunderstorms”. A definite happy accident because I certainly don’t remember spinning around like that!

Katie and I walked this morning, starting from my house instead of the park, which afforded us this lovely view of the lake just about 7:30. Tomorrow we’ll be back at the park and I can only hope we see something watercolor-worthy. (or the baby comes… actually, I think I probably hope the baby comes!)

…because I am now only six rows from finishing his blanket (plus a few ends and blocking). I’ll share photos once it’s done but I have to say…it’s been a lot more knitting than I thought it would be (and I thought it would be a lot!) I’ve been on a monogamous infatuation with this project since Friday. Thank goodness for my DVR; I’m now caught up on Outlander and The Honorable Woman. Completely loving both (and sorry they’re both nearly over).
That’s it! back to knitting!
(I did have a great list for Ten on Tuesday today…maybe another day when I don’t have much to share, but time for a real post!)

6 thoughts on “A Super-quick Drive By.

  1. Sometimes the only way to get something done is to make it our single focus – and you've clearly been steamrollering ahead with this one! Such a lovely tranquil photo …

  2. I've been trying to remain monogamous as well! I've got 100 or so rows on a sleeve which I would like to finish this weekend! And what's the app??? (And come on Baby T!)

  3. Your finishing mode has paid off with one project after another coming off the needles. Baby will come and you'll be even more goggly-eye than you think. Lucky baby to be wrapped up in g-ma's beautiful blanket made just for him.

  4. Congrats on finishing BabyT's blanket. Now,you can wait – somewhat relaxed. We are of course, on the edges of our seats, too!What's next up in the queue? I like that app; thinking' mine would get stuck on row 1! Cheers~

  5. I think monogamy might be the key to finishing something; I think I'll give it a try with my baby blanket! I do love that spinning photo and can't stop wondering how you took that. Tell Katie we're all waiting for the baby – keep up the long walks and maybe some spicy food for dinner!

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