More Stockinette, Please.

…I used to save the plain stockinette projects for the car (and way back when, for conference calls), but lately, I like them all the time. My last three finished projects – a laceweight scarf, a poncho (which I hope to share later this week) and a pair of socks (the knitting is done on this one, all that’s left is toes to kitchener and ends to weave in) all featured stockinette. I do have a few thinking projects thrown in the mix – the Through the Loops Mystery shawl and a laceweight Panoramic, but most of my knitting time these days seems to go better with the plain knitting (and purling). I finished the poncho and the socks Monday and really wanted more stockinette. My next project was supposed to be Funky Grandpa, a striped stockinette cardigan. I have the pattern and the yarn (it’s Geilsk Bomuld go uld, a cotton/wool blend that’s hopefully a year-round yarn for Atlanta)

but since I bought them, Thea Colman released Shaken or Stirred, another striped cardigan, but in a sport weight. I really want to knit it. In Rowan Felted Tweed.

Even I don’t need two striped cardigans! But maybe I could use a striped pullover instead? or maybe I should exchange two of the colors and go with something solid? like Relax maybe? (and then I remember that I originally bought the yarn in all gray to knit Relax and changed my mine for the Funky Grandpa…oh my!)

So yesterday afternoon I spent the time I needed to be doing other things looking through patterns on Ravelry. That search feature is really something. Pullover, Stripes, Fingering, Adult. and I found this.

That’s my sort-of swatch … I couldn’t wait to cast on!

6 thoughts on “More Stockinette, Please.

  1. Stockinette has always been my friend during the busy moments-it just goes whoosh! Goodness I need to check out the Geilsk Bomug og uld-but not til August (you need to hold me to that 🙂 ). Love the grey and yellow for stripes.

  2. So many sweaters, so little time. Stockinette is a meditation, the zen stitch of knitting. I'm looking forward to seeing your Mystery shawl in the yarn you chose.

  3. Oh I have had my eye on Ravello for a while but that would take me a year to knit! I cannot wait (!) to see your project. And Shaken not Stirred is pretty special too! So many great patterns!

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