Greetings from Madison | One.

…after a r-e-a-l-l-y bumpy flight (clouds are pretty to look at but whoa, hard to fly through) we landed on-time. First impression from the air – lots of water and so green.

We are staying in Middleton, on the west side of Madison; it seems very suburban here, just like home! except that we saw silos and windmills on our drive from the airport. 
Sara is hoping to live in town, so all the apartments we have appointments to see and the restaurants and other activities we have planned mean driving. Not my favorite but so far the only negative.
We settled into the hotel and then headed into town for dinner. The map directed us right through campus and we caught a few glimpses of the Capitol. We had dinner at Sardine, near Lake Monona. Had a few minutes before our reservation to walk down to the lake.

And then dinner. Sara is great at choosing restaurants and this one set a high bar. It was crazy busy for 7 o’clock on a Thursday and I was glad we had reservations. The tables were all decorated with small vases of wildflowers. 

We both started with their Caesar salad. Delicious.

Then we shared mussels and frites and orecchiette with sage and truffle oil. And somehow even had room to share the lemon tart for dessert!

An uneventful drive back and to bed. Today we have two apartments to see and a lot more exploring to do. But first, more coffee…

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  1. Such wonderful photos – almost feels like we're right there with you. And the food looks scrumptious! Good luck with the apt hunting and other fun things you will do. Staying tuned.Cheers~

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