The Traveling Scarf.

This was a perfect traveling project – laceweight yarn (so it didn’t weigh much and the in-progress knitting packed up small), not-so-small needles (I used size 6’s) and a really easy pattern (stockinette stitch on the bias). I cast on the day before we left because I didn’t want to fiddle with the provisional cast-on away from home. The knitting started in earnest just before our flight to Paris,

continued through Paris, to Milan.

and then to Florence. I don’t have any photos of the work-in-progress after that train photo, but I  know the scarf was in my bag for those 463 steps to the top of the Duomo (because I knitted a few rows in a coffee shop that afternoon). That was one great view! I think it spent the rest of Florence in our apartment so I could “travel light”.
It was my project for the plane trip home, too (when I finally started listening to The Goldfinch)…and I finally bound it off when we were away for Memorial Day (yeah, almost two weeks ago).

So this morning I wove in the two ends, soaked and blocked it…and this afternoon, I took a few photos. Finished.

Many, many happy memories wrapped up this one. I can’t wait to wear it!

9 thoughts on “The Traveling Scarf.

  1. I'm traveling and will be visiting my favorite yarn store this morning. I think I might be looking for some lovely lace weight to knit some traveling memories of my own. Thank you for your beautiful inspiration!

  2. Love the scarf, love the color, love the story behind it – one that will always be wrapped up in the folds – every time you wear it!Linda in VA

  3. Every time you wear it your trip memories will come to mind. It will be a lovely scarf for summer wear and the color is rich and yummy (peaches and apricots!).

  4. That is such an imaginative project, anda great use of those little pockets of time which always crop up when travelling. The colour is one of my favourites – I am sure your beautiful scarf is wrapped in European memories!

  5. The scarf is beautiful, Mary, and as others have noted, it will be a lovely reminder of a fun and happy time!Melody

  6. Everything about this scarf is wonderful! The design, the color, the knitter and the memories made while knitting!

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