Europe 2014 | The Scarves.

…Brenda suggested, in a comment on Tuesday’s post, that I recap the scarves I wore. I had six along for the trip, these five

and my newest Diagonal Lace Linen (aka one of the four “Florence scarves“).
the Florence Scarves debut at our first dinner in Florence
I learned when I was in Paris back in 2009 that scarves are key to making the same outfits work over and over. I chose the first five “oldies but goodies” because they coordinated with at least two tops … and because they were all summer weight (lots of linen, silk and, in the case of that traveling woman, sugar cane!). I wore and re-wore every one of them, except for the Bias Before & After (It was a little too colorful for what I ended up wearing in Paris…and then a little too warm for Florence). 
Here’s a quick recap of a few of my favorite outfits…and views!
Traveling Woman, with lunch our first day in Paris
Juliette, with dinner in Montmartre
Meadowsweet, with our last late lunch in Paris 
Traveling Woman atop the Duomo
Traveling Woman on the Ponte Vecchio
Meadowsweet in the Boboli Gardens 
Color Affection near the Piazza Michaelangelo 
my Florence our last dinner in Florence
This was a fun post to put together – thank you, Brenda, for the suggestion!

8 thoughts on “Europe 2014 | The Scarves.

  1. This is a terrific post; you look so fashionable! I love to knit scarves but have never knit with linen so I think I'll give it a try this summer.

  2. All the scarves are lovely. I've added a couple to my queue (others were already there). I will use your projects as a reference for yarn content as all of them have a beautiful drape. Thanks so much for taking the time to put the post together! So enjoyable!

  3. What a PERFECT travel post! I love all the scarves/shawls — and agree that they are perfect for "reviving" the same "old" travel clothes. It's such fun to see your beautiful knitting against the backdrop of your trip. So fun.

  4. Mary you always inspire! And like Kym said, such a good way to make the wardrobe just a bit more versatile!

  5. Thanks for this post, Mary! I was wondering about a few of the scarves you were wearing in your pictures. Must now knit a Habu Color Affection! And, finally finish my Meadowsweet! Lovely pictures!!

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