Randomly (again).

…because just when I start to feel a little bit more like myself, Sara’s flight home yesterday was delayed past midnight and Holly threw up in my lap (in my just-cleaned car, of course) three times while we waited and then drove home. It was nearly 2am before I got to bed. 

On the plus side, I had a quick run with Lauren on Tuesday, a nice walk with Katie yesterday, yoga (yay!), and I finally made it back to the shop…my Wednesday afternoon class was lightly attended, but that was probably for the best. And then there’s this.

My sister and I have renewed our Wednesday evening knitting and wine dates. It was nice to sit outside and see Holly back in her favorite lap. and catchup on all the things that have happened in the four weeks since we last met. 

6 thoughts on “Randomly (again).

  1. oh my poor holly-glad you had something special in the evening to make up for the late flight and car mishap.

  2. I'm glad you had some lovely plusses to make up for your less than ideal minuses. My sister and I live over an hour apart, but we may have to try a few wine and knitting times over the summer. Enjoy your time together!

  3. Oh, that veranda (?) looks wonderful … It's so cold and wet here we have the fire on! Sorry to hear about all the disasters but hope they fade in the glow of a wine glass :).

  4. Sounds like things are getting back on track. (Well except for the Holly being sick part!) Enjoy the weekend and here's hoping you get lots of great things in!

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